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Understanding the cancer-predisposing syndrome caused by defective proofreading activity of POLE and POLD1

Germline missense pathogenic variants in the exonuclease domains (ED) of polymerases epsilon (POLE) and delta (POLD1), which affect the proofreading capabilities of these polymerases, predispose to multiple colorectal adenomas and carcinomas, causing the so-called polymerase proofreading-associated polyposis (PPAP). Read More

Profile PhotoareteidibellMay 25, 2020

Inflammation and other cell-cell responses to microenvironmental nutrient shortage

Targeting signals elicited by metabolic stress may help the immune system target malignant cells, and that metabolites regulate the communication between immune and tumor cells also through modulation of peptidic signals like IL-8 and IL-6.Read More

Profile PhotoareteidibellMay 21, 2020

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